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We Need to Talk

It's getting harder to put our differences aside. You may think it is but I'm telling you it's not just my pride. You want your thousand shades of grey, I want my black and white. Most the time I can't even bare to have you in my sight.

You're confused, though you claim to be enlightened. I don't fit your system and that makes you frightened. I won't get in this mold you made for me and for that I'm hated, I have passions and dreams and you prefer me jaded.

I want to get away from you, but I'm afraid you're a part of me, and I'm a part of you. You're so infatuated with labels that you put a scar on me and a scar on you. Let's put it all on the table, this has gone too far, and you know it's true.

Honestly, it's not me, it's you... Society, I want to break up with you.

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